How to take advantage of the APEC break?


The MMDA suggested that to avoid traffic this coming days because of the APEC meeting, one should rather stay home.

Well here are some of the things one can do to be productive of the two to three days break:


  1. Exercise – Hit the Gym, Try Yoga, Run


There’s no better way than skip the daily hustle by staying fit. Instead of eating out and spending lots of money, one can actually be thrifty through jogging or running. However, if you’re willing to invest on something new, try Yoga or visit the gym.


Yoga places near Manila:

Oasis Yoga

Bliss Yoga Manila


White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio


  1. Stay Home and General Clean

Because of the busy and loaded days, you might have probably forgotten to keep your place/bedroom clean and organized. Now is the best time to take out the unnecessary stuff in the room and let go of some trashy souvenirs.

It’s also a good way to stretch limbs and keep track of your inventory.

  1. Try a new recipe

Instead of going out and spending for a sumptuous lunch or dinner, why not try to make or tweak your favorite dish. It will be awesome to experiment!

  1. Go North!

Who says you can’t go out? It’s just advised to go to areas of Makati, Pasay and Parañaque. There are a lot of good places to see up north such as Pampanga, Pangasinan, Baguio, Ilocos and Cagayan Valley.

  1. Read a book, learn a new song

I’m pretty sure that a lot of books have been sitting in your bookends for quite some time. It’s a good time to get hold of these and choose which is very timely for your own mood to easily relate to the author’s metaphors.

  1. Check e-mail or get done with pending work

It’s not so nice to pile up all the things that should be accomplished over the weekend. Take some time, an hour or two to slowly finish one by one all the work to avoid being overwhelmed opening your email after a five-day break.

  1. Soul-search

Soul-searching doesn’t have to be expensive, such as going to secluded places. Not only is it unsafe but it’s sometimes more fun to share moments with someone than alone. However, this can be alternatively done by an alone time, turning off lines to meditate, taking some time to contemplate about life’s choices and plans.


What’s your plan this break?





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