Things A College Student Should Learn Before It’s Too Late


First day of class jitters are inevitable for a first year college student. Everything is a whole new world compared to high school which may be a lot easier.

1. Socialize 

You can ditch the traditional “School-Bahay” routine and start joining university organizations that will soon help you widen connections. You’d probably be surprised as to how many “Hi” and “Hellos” you’ll get in a day.

2. Learn when to say “NO”


As a follow-up on number one, know your limitations on socialization. Know “NO” and never forget why you’re in school in the first place.

3. Saving will be your savior

Statements such as “Ang estudyanteng gipit, sa siomai kumakapit” probably appeared in your feed at some point and it’s funny how true this sounds. It’s better to reward yourself when the week ends instead of spending your baon on the first days of the week.

4. Homework are like projects in HS

Yes, the degree of difficulty is totally increasing as lead time in finishing projects in HS gets shorter for home work in college. Probably the best time to keep the planner and check list updated.

5. Brevity is  witty


The common  mistake most college students commit is being expressive using a lot of words. Professors and other students are more impressed by being succinct and expressing yourself in one-liner statements. Twitter is one good social media platform to practice.

6. Texting at streets or highways is a No-No

Not only are you distracted but you are also giving  bad guys the hint that they can easily snatch your valuables.

7. Learn the difference between “chilling” and “working”

The mañana habit and procrastinating attitude have always hindered students from ticking off their tasks as scheduled. Now is the time to work first, then chill later.

8. Don’t blame it all on the professors


You might have encountered various professors who have different approaches on teaching (or some not teaching at all!). But darling, do not blame it all on the poor professors as it always takes two to tango. You should make sure you do your part before you flood your classmates’ feeds with your endless rants and empty swears!

9. Know which is which (know your priorities and goals)

As mentioned a while ago, know your priorities. You’d thank your advisers one day for continuously guiding you and telling you to make the best out of everything you do.

10.  Party Hard


Rewards come after hard work. After all the sleepless nights and hardworking days, you deserve a treat!

(Triple negatives sucks right?)


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