How I Said “NO” To Sin


My friend, this is not a preaching. I’m not here to teach you how to live a righteous life. I’m not here to show you how knowledgeable I am about the Christian life. This is not everything you are thinking right now but a testimony.

To start, I want to introduce myself. For those who happen to pass by this page because you ‘ve seen it on a SNS I posted it on, thank you so much for taking time.

I love Jesus Christ and He alone is my personal Lord and savior.

I am a child of my parents.

I am a passionate learner, a marketer, and a linguist by degree.

To get back to the topic of this testimony, I am about to reveal to you how to be cured from every sickness in this world.

It happens that the cure for the chronic and baleful sickness, the big C, has yet to be discovered. But, if you’re one of the few people who first discovers it, what are you going to do? Definitely, you’re going to tell the good news. So here I am, telling you the ONE.

I was like you at first. Naïve, clueless, doubtful, and feeling cool about myself that I could please myself and the people around me, with the things that corrupted me. I was like you, trying to prove myself at every facet of life, competing with people I never was really impressed about, living a life that is what would commonly be named as YOLO. I would endlessly convince myself that life is too short to be too serious and weird, and at least get to experience a taste of what it’s like to be popular and recognized. I would perfectly curate my profile just so my so-called “friends” would see the effort I put to garner a significant number of likes (love).  I was that person who wants to keep up-to-date with the latest gadgets to brag about status symbol.

Similar to the way you would be real enthusiastic on working out to achieve an appealing body, but would think to re-schedule it to tomorrow, to next week, then next month, juxtaposed with binge eating of all the unhealthy food you could think of, I used to have the ‘rescheduling’ mentality, and delaying things. On top of these things, I WAS that person.

Now, I am different. It’s funny how at one snap, everything changed. My doubts turned to faith. My half-heartedness turned to eagerness and boldness. My shortcomings turned to strengths and readiness, and my questions turned to testimonies. I wish I’d have the talent to effectively write to you, how on-fire I am right now.

I was that old person. But I am now a new person. Someone so great changed me. He renewed me. He pushed my reset button and told me to make things better this time. He said that He loves me. I never felt so accompanied, secured, satisfied, loved, and cared for in my life except today. And I don’t regret knowing Him just now because it’s never too late friend. It’ll be never too late if you just believe me right now. Believe me that you are not the master of your life. Believe me that it’s not you who is the author of your life. Believe me that you are nothing without Christ. Or you still don’t?

Brothers and sisters, we live in a world where the new normal is against the Word of God; where we are corrupted by the system of the world, where the righteous are persecuted and the corrupt are exalted. We are in this generation of loud, bombarding lies from Pharisees who tell us to indirectly disobey God. What are you going to do when you face a similar situation? Are you going to conform? Or are you going to stand up to your will?

It seems impossible to say “NO!” But here’s the thing. Just accept the free gift of salvation. FREE? Yes, you read it right. It’s for free and you just have to claim it. Claim that you know the Word. Easy right?

But, who is Christ?

Thank you for asking. That means you’re interested to know and I’m more than glad that you bothered to even think about it. If you don’t know Him yet, start with reading about Him. And yes, you can access Him online too! Read your bible. It’d be so much better then if you follow through with talking to Him by prayer.

No one’s perfect. Only Jesus Christ. WE ARE ALL SINNERS. But we must always remember to repent and that once we receive that gift of salvation, we are free from the bondage of sins.

And I’m gonna end with this my friend. You can’t say No to sin.

You can’t if you just do it with your own strength.

But by the grace of God, even the moon can be of your reach because nothing’s impossible through Him who gives us strength.


Water baptism during Victory Weekend
Batchmates for this August Victory Weeekend



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