What’s Your Reason for Celebrating Christmas?

Streets are well lit and well decorated.

Malls are packed of people shopping for gifts.

Roads are busy due to large volume of vehicles.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year, and people take advantage of the season to commercialize it. We keep ourselves busy to buy gifts we can give out to our families and friends, shop for food for our guests during parties, and we say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Xmas” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

We see Christmas as an advantage for ourselves, because this is the season we think we can acquire things we deserve. But what should Christmas look like? What do we really celebrate?

I think most of you know that we’re actually celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the celebrator. Therefore, we should invite Him to our homes when we celebrate.

There are points I got from a preaching I attended to in church weeks ago.

 Christmas is about God’s glory.

We should understand that Christmas is not about us. I fail at remembering this most of the time because I use this time to ask my relatives for expensive gifts I don’t really need. Then again, it isn’t my birthday. It’s Jesus’. It’s his birth. Therefore, we must be giving gifts to Him instead.

This afternoon, I was amazed of my 10-year-old cousin asking a question that went something like this, “If it’s Jesus’ birthday, shouldn’t we be giving gifts to Him?” I felt a little ashamed because a 10- year-old actually understood Christmas better than we adults did. Nonetheless, He gave us a gift even when we’re not asking for it, and we got the greatest one ever. It’s Jesus Himself, living a life we should have lived, dying a death we should have died.

Christmas is about our peace.

Before I was a Christian, I never really understood the concept of Jesus’ passion, death and, resurrection. I didn’t comprehend what people meant by saying He’s a saviour. Why was he a saviour? To make it short, we are sinners, and we all deserve to go to eternal damnation. That means we need someone to save us from falling from the trap of sins. That’s Jesus Christ.

He is born, so there could be peace on earth, peace on our minds and hearts, peace with Him, and peace with man.

I think that means we should leave the pressure that Christmas brings.

Knowing that Jesus, my wonderful counsellor, mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, lived and died so I can have a life, having direct access to God, that gives me more than enough peace.

Greeting you a merry merry Christmas!



You Got The Power!

People often associate power with money or position. Power is when you have the money to buy anything under the sun, or you’ve been classified under the A class. Power is when you acquire a certain position in your company, or there are subordinates under you who you can instruct, guide, and influence.

But do you know that you actually possess the power that can move mountains, change lives, and encourage people? That power is none other than our words.

Our words are overflow of our knowledge, wisdom, and sometimes our emotions. Other than our actions, we were gifted with the power of voice and words to express ourselves.

And that same power can also destroy lives, disband relationships, and lose our integrity.

Most of the time, we tend to misuse this power. How?

It says in James 3:5, “The tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.” This proves true until today because we often forget to give importance to what we say.

Look through these questions below and try to answer them by yourself.

  1. Are you speaking life to others?
  2. When you talk, are other people encouraged?
  3. Do you promise and actually fulfill it?
  4. When you teach others, do you practice what you teach?
  5. Why do you think you’re given the power of words?


How did your answer go? It’s frustrating to say that I answered the first four questions with a big NO.

I was a graduate of AB in English Language Studies in UST, and throughout college, we’ve been talking about how powerful communication is. However, one thing that I wasn’t able to bring in after college, is its application in my life. I forget how powerful my words are, to the point that I am slowly compromising my integrity.

In our church (I attend Victory), we recently finished talking about the Redefined series and one of the topics we discussed was the importance of words (see Matthew 5:33-37). We were reminded about the importance of maintaining our integrity as a person. Lately, God revealed to me that I’ve been misusing my voice when I would say something that is not manifesting in my life, or I would speak out of the burst of my emotions. I heard one time about the adage that somehow goes along the lines “Do not decide when you are feeling extremely happy, or extremely sad because you’ll end up regretting.” I totally agree with it.

But God is just faithful and gracious that He made me realize now is the time to use my words to His purpose. I believe that I was given this power to advance His kingdom and to introduce Him to the people around me.

I also want to encourage you, my dear reader, to assess how you use your voice. We live in a digital age and we mostly put our thoughts behind Facebook comments, captions, and limit ourselves to the 140-character text Twitter offers. How well did you use these platforms to express yourself using words?

Go back to the questions above and reflect on them. Just when you thought that you are powerless, you are wrong. You have the power.

Let me leave you with a verse from Colossians 4:6, “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.


We all are a work-in-progress. God isn’t done with us yet.

Why I Choose To Be Single…For Now

People have been asking me whether I have a boyfriend now. They’re quite surprised when I answer them ‘None’. I guess they just got used to the times I had been with a guy before. Anyway, whatever I believe in right now is what I stand for and might not be for everyone.

To clarify, I am not planning to stay single forever. No. If you know me that well, you know that I’ve had past, failed relationships in my previous, and younger years. You would easily tag me as the girl who always had a guy.

Today is a different time. I believe that my convictions are becoming stronger, and my heart is continuously changing. As years passed by, I came to realize the importance of having a boyfriend. I believe that there are five reasons why men and women engage in a relationship.


  1. After Romance

All of us have that want to be wanted by default. We want to be romantically involved with someone because we enjoy the thrill of having butterflies in our stomach, making us feel the kilig because it just simply makes us happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, what if the kilig and happiness fade away? What’s left to stay?

  1. Companionship

No man is an island. According to the Bible in Genesis, God created the woman because it is not good for man to be alone. Hence, both are meant to accompany each other. In the modern world, we enjoy companionship because we don’t want to be alone. Being alone in the middle of the crowd makes us feel left out. I know it’s really nice to eat with someone after a long day, and talking about your ups and downs. It feels good to have someone wait for you after your over time. But what if the other person suddenly leaves and wants to be with another person just because?

  1. Security

“If only we’ll just be together, I can get whatever I want.”

“I feel secured when I’m with you.”

“I can’t live without you.”

These are cliches I’ve been hearing from a couple of relationships I’ve encountered. Truly but sadly, we find our security in another person, whether it be financially, or emotionally. Our lives revolve around that person and then when they’re gone, our whole world is shattered and we feel really helpless. Why? Because your identity is in that person.

  1. Just Marry

I guess these are the people who got pressured because they’re in the marrying age, or because they wish to settle with the other person. SETTLE. Pardon me if you think the word ‘settle’ connotes being stuck.

I hate to say it but I’ve known a lot of individuals who are in this situation. If you ask them why do they think they want to marry, common answers will compose of factors such as age, finance, wants, etc.

If you’re in a relationship now and you have plans of marriage, great for you! You might  be in the right track. Can I ask you why you want to get married?

If you are in a relationship now, and you don’t have any plans of marrying the other person, why are you still there?  It’s like building your multimillion dollar house… but in a wrong lot, in the wrong street, in the wrong city. It’s wasting your time, money, energy, and emotions.

  1. Marrying for God’s glory

If you are able to get to this part reading this article, thank you so much. You might really be curious about the last part because everything that I’ve previously stated insinuated negation.

This last and fifth purpose should be the ultimate reason. Getting involved in a relationship is something serious to discuss and deal with because God has very specific instructions about marriage.

The man and woman both have very distinct roles in the marriage. The man should be leading the family, in larger and bigger terms. That means that the man makes the big decisions and that will involve bringing your family closer to God. The woman’s role is quite questionable in the society given the ubiquitous arguments of women’s rights. But according to God’s word, the woman’s role is to be a helper to the man and submit to her husband.

I guess you’re quite confused already where this is leading to. Again, the woman’s role is to be a helper to the man and submit to her husband.

It’s just that, that’s not me yet.

I am not yet that woman, the man that I’m looking for, is looking for.

I am not yet the woman God wants me to become.

If I insist in getting involved in a relationship while my heart and soul are still not ready, chances are, the man I’ll be dating and I will be damaged along the way. We could hurt and inflict pain to each other because it’s not time yet. Cliché as it may sound but ‘In God’s time, everything will be perfect.’

Instead of actively seeking and waiting for that man God has promised me to be with, I’ll be actively seeking and waiting on God and know Him more. In this journey, I believe that God will teach me the right way of love, His standard of love. He will teach me how I can be ‘The one’. Despite the distractions of the world, by His grace, I will be able to keep my ways pure, abiding to His will. This is my season. And for this reason, I am single.



I’m a work-in-progress.











That One Tuesday Evening

I consider It a miracle. A supernatural thing that has happened to me.

(I am currently at work but I can’t get my thoughts together and I just really needed to get this all out now.)

Last night I attended our usual Tuesday bible study and we talked about forgiveness. I know what you have in mind – this might be one of the hardest things to do in life. I was reminded of how I used to hold grudges against my foes and against the people who purposely hurt me. I was reminded of how I wanted to get my cunning revenge to them so I could make them feel the pain they made me feel. I was reminded of what my previous life was.

Going back to the miracle I was telling you about, it’s a miracle why I am in this unworthy, undeserving position.

It all started two years ago when I experienced by most hurtful heartbreak. I was beautifully swept off my feet and everything seemed too good to be true. However, there was one problem. I didn’t know the purpose of what I was doing. I was left with no vision, no clue of what was happening in my life. All I knew was I was seizing the day and I tried to be as happy as possible.

Then one day, when I thought I’d be swept off my feet again, I was left falling on my feet. He said I wasn’t good enough. He said we can’t be together. I was puzzled. I got mad and worst, I got lost. I kept on making bad decisions, one over the other and I thought my life was over.

I was suddenly reminded of forgiveness. The forgiveness one could easily be given because of love. I remembered how God forgave me, and kept on forgiving me for my sins. Me? Why would he forgive me? Or even, why would He choose me? I am not worthy. I am undeserving. I am sinful. I am nothing. But He is great because He chased me. He keeps on chasing me whenever I would lose my track. He would always tell me to go back to Him, because in Him I’ll find peace and comfort.

I couldn’t contain how much God has done in my life. Who would have thought that I will be chosen by God as His own? I cannot fathom. Every time I’m reminded of how Jesus Christ died for me on the cross, I cannot understand why we are still loved. That’s just who God is. He is the perfect manifestation, and epitome of unconditional love.

All I know is that God continues to move in my life. I am not perfect. No one is. But I have a perfect God.

God forgave, forgives, and will forgive. Have you forgiven?


Do you have your own stories also? Let’s talk!



How I Said “NO” To Sin


My friend, this is not a preaching. I’m not here to teach you how to live a righteous life. I’m not here to show you how knowledgeable I am about the Christian life. This is not everything you are thinking right now but a testimony.

To start, I want to introduce myself. For those who happen to pass by this page because you ‘ve seen it on a SNS I posted it on, thank you so much for taking time.

I love Jesus Christ and He alone is my personal Lord and savior.

I am a child of my parents.

I am a passionate learner, a marketer, and a linguist by degree.

To get back to the topic of this testimony, I am about to reveal to you how to be cured from every sickness in this world.

It happens that the cure for the chronic and baleful sickness, the big C, has yet to be discovered. But, if you’re one of the few people who first discovers it, what are you going to do? Definitely, you’re going to tell the good news. So here I am, telling you the ONE.

I was like you at first. Naïve, clueless, doubtful, and feeling cool about myself that I could please myself and the people around me, with the things that corrupted me. I was like you, trying to prove myself at every facet of life, competing with people I never was really impressed about, living a life that is what would commonly be named as YOLO. I would endlessly convince myself that life is too short to be too serious and weird, and at least get to experience a taste of what it’s like to be popular and recognized. I would perfectly curate my profile just so my so-called “friends” would see the effort I put to garner a significant number of likes (love).  I was that person who wants to keep up-to-date with the latest gadgets to brag about status symbol.

Similar to the way you would be real enthusiastic on working out to achieve an appealing body, but would think to re-schedule it to tomorrow, to next week, then next month, juxtaposed with binge eating of all the unhealthy food you could think of, I used to have the ‘rescheduling’ mentality, and delaying things. On top of these things, I WAS that person.

Now, I am different. It’s funny how at one snap, everything changed. My doubts turned to faith. My half-heartedness turned to eagerness and boldness. My shortcomings turned to strengths and readiness, and my questions turned to testimonies. I wish I’d have the talent to effectively write to you, how on-fire I am right now.

I was that old person. But I am now a new person. Someone so great changed me. He renewed me. He pushed my reset button and told me to make things better this time. He said that He loves me. I never felt so accompanied, secured, satisfied, loved, and cared for in my life except today. And I don’t regret knowing Him just now because it’s never too late friend. It’ll be never too late if you just believe me right now. Believe me that you are not the master of your life. Believe me that it’s not you who is the author of your life. Believe me that you are nothing without Christ. Or you still don’t?

Brothers and sisters, we live in a world where the new normal is against the Word of God; where we are corrupted by the system of the world, where the righteous are persecuted and the corrupt are exalted. We are in this generation of loud, bombarding lies from Pharisees who tell us to indirectly disobey God. What are you going to do when you face a similar situation? Are you going to conform? Or are you going to stand up to your will?

It seems impossible to say “NO!” But here’s the thing. Just accept the free gift of salvation. FREE? Yes, you read it right. It’s for free and you just have to claim it. Claim that you know the Word. Easy right?

But, who is Christ?

Thank you for asking. That means you’re interested to know and I’m more than glad that you bothered to even think about it. If you don’t know Him yet, start with reading about Him. And yes, you can access Him online too! Read your bible. It’d be so much better then if you follow through with talking to Him by prayer.

No one’s perfect. Only Jesus Christ. WE ARE ALL SINNERS. But we must always remember to repent and that once we receive that gift of salvation, we are free from the bondage of sins.

And I’m gonna end with this my friend. You can’t say No to sin.

You can’t if you just do it with your own strength.

But by the grace of God, even the moon can be of your reach because nothing’s impossible through Him who gives us strength.


Water baptism during Victory Weekend
Batchmates for this August Victory Weeekend


How I Started to Be a Productive, Morning Person

I never thought that being a morning person would be this fun and thrilling at the same time. Back in high school and college, I’ve always had difficulty waking up in the morning and getting productive from sunrise. My brain works better at night when I study. Now that I’m working, I have to be more adaptive to waking up early because changing schedules isn’t appropriate anymore unlike in school.

When I finally decided to let go of the feasibility of Triathlon this year, something else came. I tried dragon boat for the first time. I’m naturally an outdoor and active person to begin with so the sport wasn’t that surprising for me. During weekday and weekend trainings, we have to be at the dock site at 4 AM so we could start our stretching ceremonies going and our coach really wanted  to push ourselves to be better every time.

As time went by, I realized that dragon boat wasn’t as easy as it is. You are a team because you really have to work as a team. The moment that one person on the boat stops, everybody else will be affected. Every training, bruises and callouses appear from hands to feet. One more thing you have to endure if you’re going to try this sport is none other than – Manila Bay.

The water has long been known by many people dirty and non-swimmable. Guess what? It wasn’t that bad after all (or maybe we began to tolerate the smell already).  Some teams jump off the boat after training so their bodies could cool off after the hard training they just had.

Thing is, it didn’t become just a hobby for me. I began loving the sport. I began loving the discipline it instills in me, beginning with waking up early and making the day more fruitful. I get to almost finish everything before lunch and it actually feels fulfilling. Perhaps there is a scientific explanation on this since your adrenaline is setting off as early as 4 AM exciting your mind and body even more throughout.

in action

Every sport has a technique and discipline to gain. Dragon boat may not be that popular here in the Philippines and has less audience compared with the mainstream sports, basketball and volleyball, which I also love doing. But it’s really worth trying. Plus, there’s no age requirement! Paddling can be done as young as 10 years old to 70 years old!

Finally, I get to try something that was once out of my league. I might say that one of the perks is that you get to travel to different places. Last April, I went to Boracay for the first time, not just for vacation, but to join the International Dragonboat Race. Yey for me!

See? An active lifestyle can actually give you a lot of opportunities. Only that you have to save up for the out of town races. But it’s good to invest on experiences right? Just be sure not to make the lame millennial excuse of investing on experience and not on paying bills.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Me during the Boracay International Dragonboat Festival 2016

Oh and before I forget, our team’s name is Philippine Tiger Sharks. Given the name, we advocate on saving the endangered species of sharks. Our team’s moniker is to Paddle, Transform, and Serve God and others.











Things A College Student Should Learn Before It’s Too Late


First day of class jitters are inevitable for a first year college student. Everything is a whole new world compared to high school which may be a lot easier.

1. Socialize 

You can ditch the traditional “School-Bahay” routine and start joining university organizations that will soon help you widen connections. You’d probably be surprised as to how many “Hi” and “Hellos” you’ll get in a day.

2. Learn when to say “NO”


As a follow-up on number one, know your limitations on socialization. Know “NO” and never forget why you’re in school in the first place.

3. Saving will be your savior

Statements such as “Ang estudyanteng gipit, sa siomai kumakapit” probably appeared in your feed at some point and it’s funny how true this sounds. It’s better to reward yourself when the week ends instead of spending your baon on the first days of the week.

4. Homework are like projects in HS

Yes, the degree of difficulty is totally increasing as lead time in finishing projects in HS gets shorter for home work in college. Probably the best time to keep the planner and check list updated.

5. Brevity is  witty


The common  mistake most college students commit is being expressive using a lot of words. Professors and other students are more impressed by being succinct and expressing yourself in one-liner statements. Twitter is one good social media platform to practice.

6. Texting at streets or highways is a No-No

Not only are you distracted but you are also giving  bad guys the hint that they can easily snatch your valuables.

7. Learn the difference between “chilling” and “working”

The mañana habit and procrastinating attitude have always hindered students from ticking off their tasks as scheduled. Now is the time to work first, then chill later.

8. Don’t blame it all on the professors


You might have encountered various professors who have different approaches on teaching (or some not teaching at all!). But darling, do not blame it all on the poor professors as it always takes two to tango. You should make sure you do your part before you flood your classmates’ feeds with your endless rants and empty swears!

9. Know which is which (know your priorities and goals)

As mentioned a while ago, know your priorities. You’d thank your advisers one day for continuously guiding you and telling you to make the best out of everything you do.

10.  Party Hard


Rewards come after hard work. After all the sleepless nights and hardworking days, you deserve a treat!

(Triple negatives sucks right?)