You Got The Power!

People often associate power with money or position. Power is when you have the money to buy anything under the sun, or you’ve been classified under the A class. Power is when you acquire a certain position in your company, or there are subordinates under you who you can instruct, guide, and influence.

But do you know that you actually possess the power that can move mountains, change lives, and encourage people? That power is none other than our words.

Our words are overflow of our knowledge, wisdom, and sometimes our emotions. Other than our actions, we were gifted with the power of voice and words to express ourselves.

And that same power can also destroy lives, disband relationships, and lose our integrity.

Most of the time, we tend to misuse this power. How?

It says in James 3:5, “The tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.” This proves true until today because we often forget to give importance to what we say.

Look through these questions below and try to answer them by yourself.

  1. Are you speaking life to others?
  2. When you talk, are other people encouraged?
  3. Do you promise and actually fulfill it?
  4. When you teach others, do you practice what you teach?
  5. Why do you think you’re given the power of words?


How did your answer go? It’s frustrating to say that I answered the first four questions with a big NO.

I was a graduate of AB in English Language Studies in UST, and throughout college, we’ve been talking about how powerful communication is. However, one thing that I wasn’t able to bring in after college, is its application in my life. I forget how powerful my words are, to the point that I am slowly compromising my integrity.

In our church (I attend Victory), we recently finished talking about the Redefined series and one of the topics we discussed was the importance of words (see Matthew 5:33-37). We were reminded about the importance of maintaining our integrity as a person. Lately, God revealed to me that I’ve been misusing my voice when I would say something that is not manifesting in my life, or I would speak out of the burst of my emotions. I heard one time about the adage that somehow goes along the lines “Do not decide when you are feeling extremely happy, or extremely sad because you’ll end up regretting.” I totally agree with it.

But God is just faithful and gracious that He made me realize now is the time to use my words to His purpose. I believe that I was given this power to advance His kingdom and to introduce Him to the people around me.

I also want to encourage you, my dear reader, to assess how you use your voice. We live in a digital age and we mostly put our thoughts behind Facebook comments, captions, and limit ourselves to the 140-character text Twitter offers. How well did you use these platforms to express yourself using words?

Go back to the questions above and reflect on them. Just when you thought that you are powerless, you are wrong. You have the power.

Let me leave you with a verse from Colossians 4:6, “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.


We all are a work-in-progress. God isn’t done with us yet.


That One Tuesday Evening

I consider It a miracle. A supernatural thing that has happened to me.

(I am currently at work but I can’t get my thoughts together and I just really needed to get this all out now.)

Last night I attended our usual Tuesday bible study and we talked about forgiveness. I know what you have in mind – this might be one of the hardest things to do in life. I was reminded of how I used to hold grudges against my foes and against the people who purposely hurt me. I was reminded of how I wanted to get my cunning revenge to them so I could make them feel the pain they made me feel. I was reminded of what my previous life was.

Going back to the miracle I was telling you about, it’s a miracle why I am in this unworthy, undeserving position.

It all started two years ago when I experienced by most hurtful heartbreak. I was beautifully swept off my feet and everything seemed too good to be true. However, there was one problem. I didn’t know the purpose of what I was doing. I was left with no vision, no clue of what was happening in my life. All I knew was I was seizing the day and I tried to be as happy as possible.

Then one day, when I thought I’d be swept off my feet again, I was left falling on my feet. He said I wasn’t good enough. He said we can’t be together. I was puzzled. I got mad and worst, I got lost. I kept on making bad decisions, one over the other and I thought my life was over.

I was suddenly reminded of forgiveness. The forgiveness one could easily be given because of love. I remembered how God forgave me, and kept on forgiving me for my sins. Me? Why would he forgive me? Or even, why would He choose me? I am not worthy. I am undeserving. I am sinful. I am nothing. But He is great because He chased me. He keeps on chasing me whenever I would lose my track. He would always tell me to go back to Him, because in Him I’ll find peace and comfort.

I couldn’t contain how much God has done in my life. Who would have thought that I will be chosen by God as His own? I cannot fathom. Every time I’m reminded of how Jesus Christ died for me on the cross, I cannot understand why we are still loved. That’s just who God is. He is the perfect manifestation, and epitome of unconditional love.

All I know is that God continues to move in my life. I am not perfect. No one is. But I have a perfect God.

God forgave, forgives, and will forgive. Have you forgiven?


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