What’s Your Reason for Celebrating Christmas?

Streets are well lit and well decorated.

Malls are packed of people shopping for gifts.

Roads are busy due to large volume of vehicles.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year, and people take advantage of the season to commercialize it. We keep ourselves busy to buy gifts we can give out to our families and friends, shop for food for our guests during parties, and we say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Xmas” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

We see Christmas as an advantage for ourselves, because this is the season we think we can acquire things we deserve. But what should Christmas look like? What do we really celebrate?

I think most of you know that we’re actually celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the celebrator. Therefore, we should invite Him to our homes when we celebrate.

There are points I got from a preaching I attended to in church weeks ago.

 Christmas is about God’s glory.

We should understand that Christmas is not about us. I fail at remembering this most of the time because I use this time to ask my relatives for expensive gifts I don’t really need. Then again, it isn’t my birthday. It’s Jesus’. It’s his birth. Therefore, we must be giving gifts to Him instead.

This afternoon, I was amazed of my 10-year-old cousin asking a question that went something like this, “If it’s Jesus’ birthday, shouldn’t we be giving gifts to Him?” I felt a little ashamed because a 10- year-old actually understood Christmas better than we adults did. Nonetheless, He gave us a gift even when we’re not asking for it, and we got the greatest one ever. It’s Jesus Himself, living a life we should have lived, dying a death we should have died.

Christmas is about our peace.

Before I was a Christian, I never really understood the concept of Jesus’ passion, death and, resurrection. I didn’t comprehend what people meant by saying He’s a saviour. Why was he a saviour? To make it short, we are sinners, and we all deserve to go to eternal damnation. That means we need someone to save us from falling from the trap of sins. That’s Jesus Christ.

He is born, so there could be peace on earth, peace on our minds and hearts, peace with Him, and peace with man.

I think that means we should leave the pressure that Christmas brings.

Knowing that Jesus, my wonderful counsellor, mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, lived and died so I can have a life, having direct access to God, that gives me more than enough peace.

Greeting you a merry merry Christmas!



A None Million Dollar Happiness

Tired. Hungry. Thirsty.

The smoke that belched out of the vehicles in the national highway did not stop me in seeing what my guy anticipated for this very particular day. The first born of his favorite uncle, who didn’t have any siblings for his whole marriage life.

We walked several blocks from the drop off point to the hospital. The place is surrounded with wet and dry market, and is often crowded. I told myself that I was given a chance not to agree to this agenda but somehow, this place was not something unfamiliar.

I was quite nostalgic upon reaching the area because we had settled there when i was still young.

When we reached the nearest block that borders the hospital, I saw food stalls which tempted me a lot, making the walk a lot more challenging. But of course, i cannot let those temptations consume me, else I cannot go home. I only have an exact amount of money in my wallet. I hated it when my pocket money is just exact for my expenses for a certain trip. I don’t feel comfortable since I was used to getting emergency money. So i decided to do some sacrificing, not eating my most craved dishes of all time.

We entered the hospital lobby and we thought that this hospital is better when we saw the facade. However, the cover doesn’t justify the contents as it is right?

A lot of people, men and women, congested the 50 square meter room with two people on each bed. Wait, did i just say it right? Of course! Two women in a bed. I can’t imagine how hard it is to let a child out of a woman’s womb, how painful it is, and how restless it might be, feeling more restless, knowing that you’ll have someone share with your only sanctuary.

These people are those i can describe as, not the low class, but those I chose to be practical. The hospital services were affordable, good enough for simple people to deliver their children.

My eyes kind of freaked out upon entering the room because I saw a lot of babies, small as a set of loaf bread. They are so gentle and I cannot risk to touch them. My reflexes are hard to control since I play sports as a hobby and i was used in a lot of hard works.

I looked at Tito and saw the sparkle in his eyes. He was a lot different when I see him in T’s house compared with his expressions while carrying the newborn baby. His voice was gentle when he talked to me so he cannot wake up such beautiful creation.

Suddenly, the baby cried. Sean cried. He cried so hard that the sounds his cry created bounced back on me as memories of yesterday and of the past.

Tita carry and hold him gently. His face pressed against her breasts trying to feed himself. I completely saw the smile that roses on her lips and the glistening on her eyes. Those two things were continuously showing while she was trying to endure the pain of breastfeeding. But no matter, because all the pain will take off, leaving the mother so joyful that nine months of agony and discomfort became the most life changing experience she had in her entirety.

T often told me in the past how desperate the couple could be to have a child. Seeing the movies which shared the same hopeless story, I empathize on how they feel. I saw how hard it is for them to share the love with other children, but cannot do it with their own because they don’t have any.

But now, they can share all the love they reserved for years. There’s no more room for sadness and tears.

We went home and finally got a chance to eat and talk at dinner.